Razer is teasing in Facebook that an Epic product will be announced soon. Their quote: “Something Epic is coming”. They don’t say if it is a Blizzard licensed product, but considering they have launched a series of StarCraft II products, one can dream — right?

Only problem is that SteelSeries seems to have the World of Warcraft and Diablo III license to develop mice, headset and keyboards. I haven’t seen both companies developing the same licensed product, but I might be wrong.

Razer has other licenses such as Star Wars: Old Republic, The Transformers, Dragon Age, Battlefield, League of Legends and TRON. However, when I hear the word “Epic”, I don’t know if it’s fanboyism or else, but the word that comes forth synonymous with “Epic” is “Blizzard”. And when I say “Blizzard”, I mean anything developed by Blizzard, and them of course.

Razer might prove me wrong (considering their many other licenses), and considering “they might or not be able to develop mice, headsets, or keyboards for World of Warcraft or Diablo III” — I don’t know for certain if they can or not. I have no knowledge of licensing rights and such. A thing that comes to mind thus is Switchblade.

Anyone remember that gadget Razer showed off recently at CES 2011? The SwitchBlade. It looks Epic. It’s bringing your World of Warcraft and Diablo III game with you on a tiny computer to play anywhere with WiFi and 3G. It also features a MINI HDMI port, USB 3.0, Standard Headphone and Mic port. Now that’s Epic. More juice for Epic Epic? Customizable buttons … check out SwitchBlade’s features.

How do you setup a game for the Razer™ Switchblade?

The patent pending Razer software will allow you to build custom profiles for your favorite games or download them from our site pre-built for popular titles. Just populate the template designs with your favorite art and assign the keys or macros of your choice. Animated keys as well as static keys will be supported.

Switchblade is yet to have a release date. It is a mobile mini-computer with customizable LCD icon buttons. The Switchblade technology however can be used for stand-alone keyboards too. Only time will tell what Razer has in store for Blizzard gamers.


Razer is now getting more cryptic with a new message in Facebook. Now fans are really lost on what this “Epic” product is. Personally, I can’t link this new message with any of their current licenses, except it has a religious tone to it which makes me consider “Diablo III”. However, the message might not be as literal as it seems. The seven capital sins come in 13 days? (August 29).

“Wrath…greed…sloth…pride.​..lust…envy…gluttony…sev​en cometh in thirteen.”

If this is indeed the release date of SwitchBlade — I can see why they are being playful with the tease, because you will basically be a slave to gaming outside of your bedroom playing your favorite games in the car, train, airplane, park, Starbuck, office, everywhere.

Some Razer fans are speculating the seven capital or deadly sins are a reference to Full Metal Alchemist and Dante’s Inferno. We will have to wait and see. Hopefully it is the SwitchBlade.