Everyone knows Starcraft II Beta is imminently coming any time now till late-February 2010 as proclaimed by Mike Morhaime (Blizzard President) last Wednesday at the Activision Blizzard Q4 2009 conference.

However, for memento’s sake I invite every single Starcraft player out there to remember those old days when fans rallied to create the group CWAL (which stands for Can’t Wait Any Longer). Let’s find the strength in numbers to inspire the Starcraft II Team, its CMs, Techs, Producers, and Creative Team to work harder with a big smile and a passionate heart to finish the last steps toward launching Battle.net 2.0 and StarCraft II. Most of them will work overtime or even sleep in the studio to make this happen. That’s worthy and commendable.

Today we salute Blizzard Entertainment and chant with passion: / Operation Starcraft II Beta CWAL

Rally up and share your goodwill feelings with the Starcraft II Team at the following Forum thread

En Taro Adun !!!

PS: <3 Chris Metzen (SP) & Dustin Browder (MP)

What is CWAL?
Operation CWAL (which stands for Can’t Wait Any Longer) was originally founded by Iolaus and Supernook, two frequent visitors of the Starcraft Suggestion forums on Battle.net. Tired of their boredom while waiting for Starcraft, they chose to invade Blizzard’s Headquarters in Irvine, California and retrieve the Starcraft Beta for themselves. They had no idea that their light-hearted call to arms would become so popular. The group would receive recognition from Blizzard itself, with a cheat code in its name and a blurb in Starcraft’s credits. Operation CWAL continues the grand storytelling tradition today, with considerably more members than there were during its rapid development in November of 1997.