PTR 3.3 has a new change at the Apothecarium in Undercity. One would think after the events of the Wrathgate and The Battle For Undercity the Apothecary would be disbanded.  However, it hasn’t.  You will find Kor’Kron watching over the Apothecary.

This patch is also introducing a replacement for Varimathras, who will give low level quests to lvl 74-85+ players who finished Battle For Undercity and never experienced those low-level quests.  Mostly because due to phase technology they will never see Varimathras at the side of Lady Sylvanas in the Undercity throne room again.

The Kor’Kron are Thrall’s elite squadron, but their tone suspiciously kinda reminds me of Garrosh.

Master Apothecary Faranell: I assure you, overseer, the Royal Apothecary Society dearly wishes to make up for the tragic misguidance which ended so many lives.  We will cause you no trouble. We seek only to continue ouor research in peace.

Overseer Kraggosh: We’ll see about that.

(the human female trapped in a cage in the nearby room continues to sob.  Kraggosh gets angsty at the prisoner.)

Overseer Kraggosh: Get that rotten nut to shut his trap!

Kor’Koron Overseer: Shut your face, you gibbering idiot!

Overseer Kraggosh: I’ve got my eye on you, Faranell. No abominations protecting you. No secrecy.  No plotting in the dark. If you so much as spit without my permission, this place shuts down. Forcefully.

(When you talk to Overseer Kraggosh he says the following):

This pit stinks and I’m surrounded by snakes, but I’m here to do a job.

Ever since Putress pulled his stunt at the Wrath Gate, the Warchief doesn’t trust these people as far as he can throw them.  That’s why we’re here.  The Apothecaries can’t do a thing without me.

It’s interesting to visit the Apothecarium as a Forsaken Character.  You get treated different by the Kor’Kron in a similar fashion as Death Knights are when they enter a major city. Undead characters are treated as less than second citizens of the Horde now.  When you talk to any of the Kor’kron Overseers watching over the Forsaken in general, they give you directions to the Auction house, the Bank, and other stuff like the Abominations.  However, they throw a little sting at you:

I’ll tell you what you need to know, but I don’t have to like it.  We’re watching you and your kind.

What’s wrong, bonebag?  Looking for someone else?  I’m all you’ve got now, so if you want something, make it quick.

I bet you rotters thought you were pretty clever at the Wrath Gate, didn’t you?  Playtime’s over.  We’re here to make sure you don’t try anything.

When you talk to Master Apothecary Faranell he says the following:

It’s true our new … guests are limiting our work somewhat, but it is only natural to be wary when a geneocidal attempt is made.  Perhaps in time they will be convinced that Putress was an unfortunate anomaly and allow us to continue our work in peace.

If you are not an Undead Forsaken Character, the Kor’Kron will say this instead:

  • Surprised to see an orc here? Don’t be.

    The Forsaken need watching. If we’d been paying closer attention from the start, maybe the Wrath Gate wouldn’t have happened.

  • Hope you’re not looking for those abominations.  The apothecaries can’t be trusted, and that means none of their little constructs patrolling the halls.  We’re here to keep things safe.
  • Lok’tar. Don’t try anything suspicious around here. If these undead are going to be part of the Horde, they’re going to mind themselves under our watch.