The second PTR 5.2 build (16446) introduced a rebuilt Stormwind and Orgrimmar moving forward from the destruction besieged by Deathwing after the Cataclysm. The only area missing renovation schedule was the Park District.

On live realms (Mists of Pandaria) we can still see Danath Trollbane’s statue split in half. The larger portion on the side of the pool dragged by cranes. The two towers scarred by the lava grip of Deathwing’s claws.

Stormwind (Before and After)

It’s safe to say this PTR is a work-in-progress. The left-shoulder of Danath Trollbane’s statue is missing a skin, and the peons working on the frontal towers of Stormwind haven’t been yet phased-out. They are currently floating in the air.

wow-cataclysm-stormwind-destroyed-1 wow-ptr-5-2-stormwind-restored

Orgrimmar (Before and After)

wow-cataclysm-orgrimmar-destroyed-1 wow-cataclysm-orgrimmar-restored-1