WiFi and Wireless Internet Connection? Technology has shown incredible feats in the past ten years, but Intel is coming forth in 2013 with a technology that makes Protoss technology nigh a reality.

Intel’s Wireless Charging Technology allows Ultrabook users to recharge their smartphone without the need of a power cord nor a USB cable. Place the smartphone a few inches from the laptop, and let it sit there. The smartphone battery will be full within an hour. Say whoa?

Could you imagine a future where stores, restaurants, Starbucks, Libraries, parks and airports have wireless charging technology? Your smartphone, laptop, gaming handheld, digital camera, iPhone/iPad and other devices never running out of juice?

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    Even Captain Kirk would have raised an eyebrow at the prospect of wireless charging on board the Enterprise.

    Today it’s a step closer to reality for all of us not zipping around the universe at warp speed. Demoed by Intel Labs for the first time way back in 2008, Wireless Charging Technology (WCT) by Intel literally lets you charge your smartphone wirelessly from your notebook PC. That’s right — no cables, no power cords. Of course Intel is no stranger to wireless technologies, launching Centrino mobile technology nearly a decade ago. Imagine a coffee shop without Wifi today?

    Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT)  – a company with specialized expertise in wireless charging – announced it will develop and deliver chipsets for Wireless Charging Technology by Intel. IDT’s product is important and new because it leads to a solution that isn’t limited to inductive charging and ‘smartphone on a charging mat’ usage.  Size and cost reductions are key to IDT’s solution, as is their differentiated “resonance wireless charging technology” that simplifies the way the PC charges the phone wirelessly. Intel is working with companies like IDT, peripheral vendors (from smartphone cases to printers and cameras), OEMs, and other ecosystem partners to deliver a cost-effective and simpler path to wireless charging.

    Although we are not yet giving out timeframes for consumer products with WCT enabled, IDT has stated they will be delivering their full chipset solution for reference design work in early 2013. The ecosystem is already excited about this technology so we assume there will be a race to the finish line for sure.

    Imagine, for example, this wireless charging solution in an Ultrabook of the future. How would it work? You are low on juice on your phone — you simply start the WCT detection software and place the smartphone close to your Ultrabook (about an inch or so). Coupling takes place between the two devices and energy begins to seamlessly and wirelessly flow from the Ultrabook to the smartphone. Within an hour, you have recharged your smartphone sufficiently to make it through the afternoon. No more wires or chargers.

    Intel will be discussing specific plans and timelines at a later date, so stay tuned for more details on this innovation that’s one step closer from the labs to your home.

    Originally posted on the Technology@Intel Blog