Update Jan 23:

There is some big buzz in my internetz somewhere on the other side of my zipcode that to me is completely unreadable, in Korean, but don’t blame me [remembers during the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals at a restaurant in Paris asking for what he thought to be pie in french and the lady brought an ice cream. twitch].

1. According to the buzz, ThisIsGame reported that Starcraft ProGamers have been given a deadline and requested to sign up for Beta Testing by January 26th. This doesn’t really mean beta starts that date, but could be in preparation for beta in a few weeks or months.

2. As we reported recently, Bob Kotick and Mike Morhaime will be making announcements on February 10th at the Fourth Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference Call.

3. Starcraft II Support Page on the new Battle.net website was enabled today.

While I am skeptic about this ThisIsGame report, which I can’t even read, considering the Earnings Conference Call is where the beta postponement was officially announced last August 5th, 2009 — it could be the place where Mike Morhaime might announce the sweet words we have been waiting for.

Both reports are speculation nonetheless, but my–oh–my … ain’t these speculations aligning perfectly with the stars?

Thanks, quantum