With the official announcement of Mists of Pandaria’s release date, September 25th, it’s recommended to start rushing into pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition.

People usually waits until the evening before the release date to buy the Collector’s Edition at their local midnight launch party. This is a big mistake.

I have always pre-ordered my Collector’s Editions several months in advance. I attended the only Best Buy Diablo III Launch Party held in New York City, at 14th street and waited about two hours to get a second copy for Blizzplanet’s giveaway purpose.

The Best Buy staff told me if you had not pre-ordered in advance, you wouldn’t get a Collector’s Edition. There were about 40 inside a locked display, but all were to be given to the people with a pre-order number ticket. (link to the May 15th article explaining my experience at the Diablo III Launch Party)

You won’t want this to happen to you. Nor would it be cool to have to go store after store in search for a Collector’s Edition — nor the worst thing to happen … to search eBay to find out Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Editions at over $200.

Heed the call. Pre-order World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition now and get it shipped directly to your home.

After placing your order, check back regularly your account every few weeks after August. Usually, under “change shipping method” it will be updated in a way it allows you to change delivery to arrive to your home the same day as the release date. Keep an eye on that.