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Pre-Order World of Warcraft: Dark Riders – Ships May 7, 2013

Finally, the DC Comics World of Warcraft: Dark Riders graphic novel by Michael Costa (author) and Neil Googe (illustrator) has been dated. The 144-pages graphic novel hardcover will be on sale May 7, 2013. You can pre-order it here.

The DC Comics World of Warcraft: Dark Riders graphic novel was first announced at San Diego Comic Con 2011 by Blizzard SVP of Creative Development Chris Metzen and DC Comics Hank Kanalz.

Delay History

  • The characters of World of Warcraft: Dark Riders were originally featured in the World of Warcraft Special # 1 (Dec 2009).

  • Jim Lee (Wildstorm) announced on September 2010 that Wildstorm was shutting down. The blog no longer exists. DC Comics announced part of their offices would be moved from New York to Burbank, California to be close to the Warner Bros Studios. This was all part of the DC Comics’s internal restructuring.

  • Wildstorm shutdown on December 10, 2010. The Wildstorm team moved from San Diego to Burbank, California to fold into DC Comics Digital Team. Details here.

  • As of February 2012, the graphic novel was still in development. The graphic novel has seen some delays since its announcement.

  • All the Blizzard licensed comic books and graphic novels were now under the DC Comics logo, instead of Wildstorm’s.

Hope these tidbits of history help you understand some of the reasons these Warcraft graphic novels have taken this long since its original announcement.

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