Posting unreleased content from the Burning Crusade Alpha(Family and friends) in the official forums will get you banned from the forums, and that is a fact. But not only that, now posting speculative info of the expansion gets you banned too. And you won’t go down anonymously …. Nooooooo …. you will go down publically. How’s that?  The new forum allows the Blizzard representatives and moderators edit your post to remove the link and to publically leave a message on your post—so everyone will know you were banned. Don’t believe me?  A sample to proof it. Phear the power of Blizzard Moderators! Lawny@Tichondrius realm from NND guild was banned and for everyone to witness.  He even made a shameful spotlight at a wannabe fansite news headlines … oops! O_o

Vaneras: “Posting unreleased content information of any kind is not allowed, even if it is of pure speculation and clearly fabricated.

Please refrain from posting such information as it is a bannable offense, which may lead to sanctions taken against your forum account

Thanks, Draiken for the buzz!”