PlanetDiablo - Diablo III Monsters Breakdown

Acolyte from PlanetDiablo sends heads up about their breakdown on 21 monsters that have already been revealed in Diablo III media. This can be informative to some fans who have missed some of the interviews or media.

Standard Monster Classes
Below you will find a listing of all known monster classes in the game, progressively growing as more information is released, explaining features that offer distinction to other enemies.

Each monster class has a set of types within it, the Dark Cultist class containing types such as the Dark Summoner and Dark Vessel. These different types have distinct statistics in terms of hit points, resistance levels, and special abilities. Additionally, each type is generally found in distinct areas of the game, later varieties naturally becoming better equipped to take down your hero or heroine.

As one might expect, Diablo III comes loaded with a large variety of demonic, undead, and animal-based foes serving the desires of evil. A number of these monster classes return from previous games in the series, while others act as spiritual successors; the Gnarled Walkers are an excellent example following in the root-steps of Thorned Hulks. Of course, the game is host to many new monsters like the Dune Thresher.

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