Blizzard Entertainment recently posted the newest lore story: Li Li’s Travel Journal, Part 1. This character is Chen Stormstout’s niece.

Both characters can be seen in the Valley of the Four Winds. It’s a very cool experience in-game because the NPCs come with you in your journey through each zone of the Valley of the Four Winds all the way down to the Stormstout Brewery.

Li Li Stormstout will also be featured in the upcoming DC Comics World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria (Graphic Novel Hardcover) — launch date: September 25. Pre-orders are available.

Long ago, the legendary explorer Liu Lang set out from Pandaria with a turtle named Shen-zin Su. His tales inspired others to join him in his journey, and over thousands of years, the turtle grew into the vast Wandering Isle, which continues to roam the oceans, carrying an entire community of like-minded adventurers on its back.

But as time passed, their wanderlust faded.

For years, Li Li Stormstout eagerly read the tales of her uncle’s travels around the world, but despite her desire to explore the world with him, she has been forbidden to leave the Wandering Isle. She is too young, her family says, not ready for the trials and dangers of the larger world.

The Traveler’s Path still calls to her, but for now, she must be content to explore the Wandering Isle.

Li Li is determined to record everything she sees and does, and thus follow in the footsteps of the great pandaren wanderers who came before her:

“Life is an adventure,” according to Chen Stormstout, and his adventuring niece, Li Li, has begun to follow in her uncle’s footsteps. Forbidden to leave the Wandering Isle, Li Li has taken it upon herself to chronicle the beauty and wonder of her homeland. Come, enjoy the stories of exploration found in Li Li’s Travel Journal.