PCGamer had a three-part coverage of the 20 Years of Blizzard. The first part titled “20 ways Blizzard changed the world” highlights several life changing key moments Blizzard triggered around the world: Internet Cafes in China and South Korea play StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft. Starcraft in particular was a big motivator for the internet infrastructure growth in South Korea since 1998. World of Warcraft’s social aspect is unprecedent with various guild meetups year-round, BlizzCon meetings, and even marriages among players who met originally in-game.

Blizzard motivates fans to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through virtual pets and mounts purchased via the Blizzard Store. What other game company is able to humbly donate $1.1 million dollars off sales from a virtual pet? Check out all 20 ways Blizzard changed the world.

The second part of PCGamer’s series: Blizzard’s DNA contains a high resolution graphic showing which studios several ex-Blizzard employees have moved on to. Good for those of you who like to keep track of some key employees.

The third and final part of the series: Looking Back with the Blizzard’s Creators is an interview with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime and Executive VP Frank Pearce who talk about their success throughout these 20 years, and a few anecdotes. One thing you might like in this interview is the photos of the founders and the first employees back in 1994.