Blizzard Rep Eyonix mentioned a couple of features that are scheduled for the future Patch 1.12

Players should also be pleased to know that come patch 1.12 you will be placed in a group upon entering Battlegrounds.

For now, just get yourself into a group. wink

Also, patch 1.12 will have some awesome PvP stuff, like a cool battleground feature that I know you’ve all been waiting for!

Is it possible that the long-awaited catapults and building-attacked effects will become available in Patch 1.12?  This is speculation, but the hint makes you wonder.  To refresh your memory, here is a quote from Blizzard before Closed Beta, dated September 16, 2004:

Something long-term we want to add to battlegrounds to make them even more fun are siege vehicles. We’ll begin implementing them after WoW ships, but the intention is to give players catapults and other siege vehicles, and then increase the challenge when it comes to razing the opposing side’s town. Once siege vehicles are in, the mechanism for conquering the other side will be to destroy their buildings and not just to kill their NPCs.” – source