During our visit to the Blizzard Entertainment’s studios in Irvine, to attend the Fansites Summit, all the community managers encouraged fansites to be active and to forward to them questions.  We just got a go-ahead this week to gather questions from our community about the Monk Class.

We are now taking question submissions from our community for a Q&A with the Diablo III developers.  Our Q&A will focus on the Monk Class, but questions about other aspects of Diablo III you may have seen at Blizzcon that you wish to learn more of are welcome.

You can add your questions on the comments below, or at the following forum thread.

Need help to craft your questions?  Please, review the current information Flux has written about the Monk Class and Monk Skills, and if you still have questions…. visit the Monk forum. Flux played each class for an hour each at the Blizzcon press room through both days.