Zarhym posted today the plans for the Mists of Pandaria North America Launch Party, and a video embed for the live stream.

Awesome-Nick Carpenter sent us, via Twitter, a photo of the launch party stage in Irvine. Photo at the bottom. That stage looks neat. On the left side one can distinguish King Varian Wrynn charging forth. I can bet on the right side should be Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

For those QQ-ing this expansion is about cute pandas, the expansion will set you corrected in many misconceptions. This expansion = putting the WAR back into Warcraft with World PvP. What can happen when the Vale of Eternal Blossoms’ capital cities are just a few steps apart from each other in a PvP realm? Total Mayhem!!!

Nick Carpenter ‏@FubarNick: @Warcraft @Blizzplanet The stage is set!!! Thanks for the photo @kathunter

Blizzards @mikemorhaime being interviewed at the Mists of Pandaria press event.

TheLyns: A wild @robpsimpson appears! #MistsLaunch #warcraft

@DJTyrant: Zomg got to meet @michelemorrow 😀 such a fun night so far!!

TheLyns: Samwise made friends with a troll! #MistsLaunch #warcraft

@Rygarius: Check out the amazing cosplayers and their amazing costumed at the Mists of #Pandaria. #MistsLaunch

@michelemorrow: /YAY I’ve brought @CM_Zarhym into the #PandaArmy @spirithoods #MoPReleaseParty 😀