Surprise! Michele Morrow — who hopes to play the role of … umm Worgen Lady Sylvanas, huh?, in the upcoming Warcraft film by Sam Raimi — attended the 2012 Darkmoon Faire: Los Angeles celebrated this past weekend. There she was taught the basics to play the WoW TCG.

Michele appears in several photos as one of the players attending the event, and may be seen posing alongside OP Team Brand Ambassador Christina Sims (disguised as Vanessa VanCleef).

Analyzing her appearance, I figured out why she was there. Cryptozoic Entertainment recently revealed they would have a World of Warcraft TCG: Clash of Champions sneak peek at the 2012 Darkmoon Faire: Los Angeles.

One of the Champion cards in the WoW TCG: Champion Deck is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. A couple of weeks ago, she had posted the loot card artwork in her Facebook and she totally loved it.

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