Mega Bloks has launched an awesome interactive video adventure where the viewer decides the course of the story by choosing one of three options.

At the end of the adventure, the system identifies your faction, race and class based on your options.

A list of username participants is displayed including yours (requires registration). A progression bar shows how many Alliance and Horde players are participating, and thus deciding which faction is the victor.

This is the first of many new incoming surprises coming from Mega Bloks. Blizzplanet will inform you as these become available. Follow Mega Bloks on Facebook.

      Megabloks: Discover Your Inner Hero! It’s an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style experience. With every choice you define your faction, race, and class in the World of Warcraft community, assigning a specific character based on your values and strengths. The more you play with different combinations, the more medals and exclusive wallpapers you unlock. The balance of power bar shows which faction you lean towards. Play for yourself and discover your inner hero:

      If you ever need a refresher or you need to teach a newbie the ropes, our online Hero Guide is a great introduction to the World of Warcraft universe. In this land where evil lurks at every corner, where unlikely unions can save the day and a comrade-in-arms can be your worst enemy, your survival is dependent on your knowledge of the world. Know your enemies weaknesses and history by reading the Hero Guide:

After some commitment time I managed to unlock all the races and classes medals which give you access to the 7 unlockable wallpapers.