Update 12/22: Looks like I have to eat my own words. Justice ain’t so blind after all. The judge allowed us to stay a month more, and we didn’t become homeless in a Christmas’s eve. Plenty of things to be thankful for. I am probably 2-3 days away from having the whole house items packed. With all the closets emptied into the livingroom and bedrooms the apartment still looks a bit like a war zone. 13 years living in this apartment and gee do we have tons of stuff in those five closets. Found newspapers from 2004, and documents as far back as 1998. Family photos I had forgotten existed, when I was a kid. Good thing now I just have to worry about searching for a new apartment once I’m done packing, and if I time it right, won’t be offline for long, or at all. Merry Christmas!

12/21: Well folks, I am really out of words. I have no idea what tomorrow brings, or what options I might have. Tomorrow, we go to court to give up the apartment’s key. I don’t know if the judge will allow us to stay a few more days while we move stuff to a storage rental building and find where to live at; or if I might end up in a shelter while we start anew, and find a new apartment. It might take a few weeks before that happens. And if so, I might not have access to the internet in that lapse of time unless I visit a public library. I thank Eldorian for updating in my temp-absence.

If the judge doesn’t give us tomorrow a few more days to get our stuff into a storage room and proceeds with the eviction — it would be a pretty cold and sad Christmas for us. It’s a long story that has been going on since November 28, 2008, and resurfaced around June 2009. Justice decided we were on the fault side of things, even when there were irregularities in how things got handled. So I will just hope, and learn from any mistakes; and start anew from the bottom once again. Hail Thrall, Varian and Jim Raynor!

I’m worried, but things happen for a reason. I’ll eventually figure out what that reason is. From this I could find a good job or meet my future wife — who knows. I need to adapt to the current situation, learn from it, shake off the dust, stand and keep moving forward.

PS: Glimpse into some of the Irregularities … merry christmas to the landlord and section 8 (watch video). By the way Ms. Swint (section 8), if a disable person with chronic respiratory issues gives you a medical letter signed by the director of the hospital and he recommended you twice to move her to a new apartment with no dampness on May 2007 — it’s because it is an emergency due to health hazard concerns — it looks very bad that on 2009 she’s still waiting to get emergency-moved and on top you close the case on her and leave her homeless. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

What you see on the video has been happening since 2007 on a semi-regular basis. I wouldn’t be surprised the building wall collapses soon due to water infiltration weakening the internal structure for over two years in the kitchen and all the way back in the bathroom. The first video is December 5, 2009. The kitchen issue through Dec 10-15. Can you believe the landlord’s plumber saw it on Friday, Dec 11 and said he would come back on Monday? It’s a flipping broken water pipe inside the wall !!! Justice is blind indeed.

Did I mention two of the airplane kidnappers that crashed into the Twin Towers lived in this landlord’s buildings? Way to go.