StarCraft in real life is in plans a we speak. Remember a few months ago when I mentioned applications were to open for people interested in training to be astronauts to travel to planet Mars in a one-way trip on 2023?

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp revealed that 78,000 applications were submitted.

On September 2022, two men and two women will be sent to Mars. The trip to the red planet will last about six months. In 2025, another ship will transport four people to Mars. And more ships will be launched to send people in groups of four each trip — to slowly increase the Mars Colony. More rovers will be sent to provide further broadcast coverage of their daily reality TV show experiences.

The company plans to build partnerships to break the world record on global TV viewership as they plan to make this a reality TV show. Before and after the spacecraft launches cameras will be transmitting live the astronauts’ experience.

A satellite will be rotating around planet Mars to facilitate communication back to Earth with somewhere around a 20-45 minute signal delay depending the position between Mars and Earth year-round.

The Mars One team plans to begin manufacturing of that satellite and astronaut supplies on 2014. The supply cargo consists 2500 kilograms of spare parts, solar photovoltaic panels, and general supplies. These will be launched into space on 2016 to reach Mars — seven years in advance — before the first four humans reach the red planet.

On 2018, a rover will land on Mars to scout the optimal spot where the 2023 spacecraft will land upon. That rover will video stream 24/7/365 back to Earth — much better than NASA’s rover.

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Check out the Mars One Roadmap showing what the company plans to do on 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2025.

Looks like supercarriers are about to launch in the next ten years to colonize another planet.