Manipulating the Saurok

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: I have three magisters entrenched in Ihgaluk Crag, monitoring the saurok and where they can – turning them against the mogu. I need you to find them and see if they need any supplies or assistance.

They will be concealed from view. Look for shimmering columns of light within the saurok village.


Check in with magister Arlan, Magister Sarien, and Magistrix Vesara.


Magister Arlan: They’ve been chanting: “Kill the mogu” all day. Whatever Aethas has you doing, it’s working.

(Speak with Magister Arlan: 1/1)

Magistrix Vesara: Let the archmage know that everything is under control here at Ihgaluk. I’ll have another report in a few days.

(Speak with Magistrix Vesara)

Magister Sarien: The saurok have been quiet lately, and are becoming restless. The time is ripe to turn them against the mogu.

(Speak with Magister Sarien: 1/1)


(The archmage listens carefully to your report.)

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver: I understand. Thank you for your aid, (class).