Blizzard denies suspensions caused for the use of Linux or Cedega. It is not against the Terms of Service. So don’t worry.

Tseric: “
We have been testing our security software with Cedega. Cedega was used and tested before the security procedures and during the security procedures. From this testing we have yielded no hits, meaning Cedega, by itself, does not incur an account suspension.

We have accounts of several Cedega users who have been playing normally during the time that these processes are running. Again, these people are not being suspended simply because of using Cedega or Linux.

We are in contact with the people at Cedega and following up with them regarding individual accounts.

To answer the OP’s question, no it is not against the ToS to use Linux or Cedega. We continue to monitor the situation to prevent cases of false positives and to rectify them if they do occur.”