Blizzard got a new preview available highlighting the legendary weapon Shadowmourne, and they got a crafty lore to kick. Learn the origins of Shadowmourne, and what it is made of. We may have been given hints on how to craft it, and when it’s going to become available.

Blizzard Quote:
As the Lich King continues his dark work inside the halls of Icecrown Citadel, the warriors and smiths of the Ashen Verdict scramble to forge a weapon capable of defeating the Scourge. To aid the Verdict in its cause, you’ll need to follow in Arthas’s footsteps, gambling with your very soul to gather the materials that will create the legendary axe Shadowmourne.

Find out more about the quest to build Shadowmourne, available in the upcoming Fall of the Lich King content update, in our new preview of the legendary weapon Shadowmourne.