UPDATE (October 12, 2009)—The IMDB changed back the Warcraft film title to Warcraft and removed the Warcraft: The Rise of the Lich King entry we reported.  Additionally, today MTV Movies Blog posted a interview with Sam Raimi who announced Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat has joined the team to develop the script.

IMDB has some drastic updates.  The Warcraft entry no longer has the film listed there under “WARCRAFT”. It has been replaced by four new film sub-entries based on Warcraft, including the South Park episode, and other independent non-Blizzard films based on Warcraft or MMOs.  The Warcraft film developed by Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment has been “apparently” renamed to:


The film is approximately slated for 2011 according to IMDB.  This title gives us an idea that the film will be somehow based on some of the scenes of World of Warcraft: Rise of the Lich King novel by Christie Golden, which contains heavy references to scenes from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.  A film based on Arthas as a main figure is definitely attractive to the audience, either to fans or to viewers new to the fantasy storyline. The life of Arthas is one saturated of tragic things that led him to take different type of choices.  Some that drove him to the brink of insanity, shredding away the last vestiges of his humanity. Arthas took an oath giving up his soul if he was empowered to slay the enemy that destroyed his land. An oath he took to save his people. The runeblade Frostmourne damned him.

Arthas: “Now, I call out to the spirits of this place.  Whatever you be, good or ill or neither or both.  I can feel you here. I know you are listening. I’m ready.  I understand. And I tell you now—I will give anything, or pay any price, if only you will help me save my people.”

Christie Golden polished out Arthas showing us a new perspective from the point of view of Arthas. The book allows you to explore his core and soul through his childhood down to the moment he was ordained a paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand, and beyond.  This is the story that could make the difference for the Warcraft film. There were orc and human battles in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, with Uther and Arthas battling the Blackrock Clan.  There was Undead Scourge battles. Night Elves versus Orcs. The trick is how to condense all of that in a multi-million film. Not just a hack and slash battle, but one with a compelling story. The story of a young human prince fighting for his land and for his people. Slowly descending into a path where the ends justify the means.

Christie Golden’s novel based on Arthas the Lich King made it twice into the New York Times Best Seller list for Hardcover Fiction category within four days after the book hit bookstores.

The film is supposed to be based on the early days of World of Warcraft.  The initial artwork shown a few years ago at Blizzcon showed the Teldrassil concept art, and it had been said Arthas wouldn’t be part of the film. However, any bit of info we had on the film is no more. Legendary Pictures recently announced Sam Raimi as the director of the film. Thus the script and plot of the film will be written from scratch.  The plot and any details are currently unknown.

There hasn’t been any press releases to announce the film’s title or any of these changes made to IMDB.

The information there is unofficial until either of both entities: Blizzard Entertainment or Legendary Pictures, offer further details. We will reach Blizzard for a statement concerning this IMDB update. Stay tuned.


Directed by
Sam Raimi

Chris Metzen … Stories

Joshua Donen … producer
Alex Gartner … producer
Jon Jashni … producer
Chris Metzen … co-producer
Michael Morhaime … executive producer
Sam Raimi … producer
Charles Roven … producer
Paul Sams … executive producer
Robert G. Tapert … executive producer
Thomas Tull … producer

Art Department
Aaron Sims … character designer

Visual Effects Department
John Norris … business affairs: The Aaron Sims Company

Miscellaneous Crew
Dennis Bakriges … production executive