A few years ago, I reported a glitch in the system on the Legendary Pictures website where the word Diablo appeared under the “Upcoming Projects” section. I contacted several gaming sites to let them know, and it echoed all around the web. However, the Diablo listing was removed in less than 24 hours after all the attention it got.

Oddly, the Hollywood Reporter claimed Gary Whitta was working on a Diablo film for Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.

No explanation was ever given whether it was a mistake. Was there truely a Diablo film in their plans? Or did the webmaster make a mistake? We might never know, or at least not for a long time. Legendary Pictures nor Blizzard Entertainment did never issue a press release announcing a Diablo film. It would be awesome, regardless.

At least, Mike Morhaime admited to Gamespot during the 2007 Austin Game Developers Conference that Starcraft and Diablo are strong enough worlds to be made into films.

Within weeks of the Diablo film listing / delisting incident, the Legendary Pictures website underwent some maintenance and converted the HTML layout to a Flash template. Ever since, I have camped the site visiting it daily, multiple times at different random day/night shifts … for the past two years. Yea, I’m a freako like that.

A few days ago, before I posted the interviews with actress Michele Morrow, I noticed a change in the Legendary Pictures website that granted some attention.

I have seen movies listed in the Upcoming Titles, now renamed to Coming Soon, come and go as they hit the big screen and the box office: The Dark Knight, 10,000 B.C., The Watchmen, Observe & Report, and lastly The Hang Over.

The last two projects on queue: The Clash of the Titans and Warcraft.

Well, a few days ago The Clash of the Titans was moved from the “Coming Soon” section to the “Current” section. This caught my attention. Especially because the coming soon section was now empty; and the next film on queue is naturally: Warcraft.

The Clash of the Titans page is now active with a video trailer which you can watch here. It’s amazing!

As I kept watch on the Legendary Pictures website, I was curious to see the Coming Soon section empty. Then something unexpected happened. As I hovered my mouse upon the Coming Soon text, and clicked on the text itself, I was accidentally forwarded to … a Warcraft film placeholder page filled with ipsum lorem.

I made sure to take a screenshot as evidence, because I knew last time they removed the Diablo link and I wouldn’t have evidence. So there you go folks. Legendary Pictures has a placeholder page for the Warcraft film, and all of this happened within the past 5-6 days, coincidental with the recent events where Sam Raimi departed Sony’s Spider-man 4 production — as reported on January 7.

As of yesterday, Clash of the Titans was moved back from the Current section, back to the Coming Soon section. And the Warcraft film placeholder page has vanished. These pages are there to display story synopsis, photos, video trailer and wallpapers. Thus, it’s food for curiosity to see a Warcraft film placeholder page pop-in and out of existence, don’t you think?