Blizzard Entertainment has posted a new Leader Short Story titled: In the Shadow of the Sun. This time it’s the turn of Lor’themar Theron, regent lord of Quel’Thalas.

It’s an amazing story considering all what transpires in Lor’themar’s mind as he is pushed to the limits from different angles.

The story might disappoint some people because it’s not based in Cataclysm. Yet it fills a very profound gap. We haven’t heard of Quel’Thalas since the events of The Sunwell Plateau in Quel’Danas.

This story begins during the Nexus War. Archmage Aethas comes to Silvermoon City to request regent lord Lor’themar support to the Kirin Tor to fight Malygos. On the other hand, Sylvanas demands the support of the Blood Elves to join the fight against the Lich King. Sylvanas reports the Scourge assaulted Orgrimmar, and thus his people must rally alongside the Forsaken.

She blackmails him, and what you will find in this story is a very different Lor’themar in the verge of utter impotence, and regret. Awesome story. Keep them coming.

Curiously, after reading the story — I checked who wrote it. To my surprise, it’s written by Sarah Pine. I smiled. I met her at BlizzCon 2009. It’s her winning entry to the Blizzard Global Story Contest.