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JINX Launches World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Summer 2013 T-shirt Collection

JINX has launched the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Summer 2013 T-shirt and accessories Collection adding new jackets, cadet caps and leather belts based on the Alliance and Horde. The new T-shirts are available for both women and men.

Click on the images to reach the landing page where each product is sold. Make sure to select the correct gender and size before your order is placed.


jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-tree-stance-t-shirt-3432p_15c_1b jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-shen-zi-su-wandering-isle-t-shirt-4081p_21c_1b
jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-alliance-shield-t-shirt-4094p_221c_1b jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-horde-shield-t-shirt-4089p_0c_1b
jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-alliance-cadet-cap-4096p_0c_1m jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-horde-cadet-cap-4097p_0c_1m
jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-alliance-track-jacket-3501p_0c_1b jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-horde-track-jacket-3500p_0c_1b
jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-alliance-leather-belt-3449p_0c_1m jinx-world-of-warcraft-summer-2013-horde-leather-belt-3448p_0c_1m

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