Jeff Grubb is the author of Warcraft: The Last Guardian—telling the story of Khadgar and Medivh and also writer of Starcraft: Liberty’s Crusade. Some people build castles in the air, others live in them. Jeff Grubb does the design and contracting. A former civil engineer turned game designer and author, Jeff has over a hundred listed credits, including over a dozen published novels and over twenty short stories. An architect of fantastic worlds, he is one of the founding fathers of both Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, as well as Spelljammer and Al-Qadim.

Jeff is also very comfortable in other people’s worlds as well, having worked in the Marvel Universe, Thieves’ World, the Worlds of Warcraft and Starcraft, and the Magic the Gathering multiverse. He is known for his work in Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Universe Secret Wars, Star Wars RPG, and Magic: The Gathering. He likes new challenges, which often leads him into different universes that he has never been before.

Jeff freely admits he hates everything that he writes for at least two years after he writes it, then he slowly comes to see how good it was after that. Of the books he has written, his favorites are: The Brothers’ War, Lord Toede and Azure Bonds, the last written with his wife, Kate Novak.

Jeff and Kate live in Seattle, Washington, with their cat, Emily. Jeff keeps an on-line journal with current updates, reviews, and other things at Grubb Street.



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