WORK IN PROGRESS: This is a preview of what I’m working with right now (Sunday). Transcript of the quests, dialogues, and will add video of each scenario stage. For the entire questline before the scenario go here — those videos are uploaded. I’ll be updating, and adding videos throughout the evening.

Warlock Talents Before Scenario

I recommend to switch to Destruction specialization (spec). From your Talent tab pick the following abilities: Harvest Life, Shadowfury, Sacrificial Pact, Burning Rush, Grimoire of Supremacy, and Kil’jaeden’s Cunning.

The logic behind these talents …

Harvest Life: Gather health from various mobs. Can do this while on the move (with Kil’jaeden’s Cunning).

Shadowfury: Choose Shadowfury to stun all mobs within 8 yards for 3 sec. Enough to get back some Burning Embers to self-heal.

Burning Rush: There are situations where you would want to run away from mobs to avoid getting stunned while running.

Sacrificial Pact: Definitely a life-saver during the fight against the Essence of Order. Keep reading for the strategy.

Grimoire of Supremacy: Your voidwalker becomes a Voidlord with 20% more health and 20% more damage. You need a better tank.

Ki’jaeden’s Cunning: Allows you to cast while moving. Perfect to summon your Voidlord minion while running away if Flames of Xoroth is on cooldown, or you don’t have the Burning Ember up to use Flames of Xoroth. This talent is very helpful against the Pitlord in the final encounter.



Maybe you have better ones, but these are the macros I used up to the final encounter.

Spell icon: Conflagrate

/cast Conflagrate
/Use 14

Spell icon: Ember Tap

/cast Ember Tap

/cast Twilight Ward

/cast Sacrificial Pact

Note: When the Essence of Order casts Hellfire AOE, Ember of Tap heals you. The macro auto-casts Twilight Ward — which absorbs 61,978 magic damage. The Sacrificial Pact shields the Warlock for 400% of the Voidlord’s 25% sacrificed health. Sacrificial Pact has a 1 minute cooldown. Twilight Ward has a 30 sec cooldown. This macro makes sure you cast Twilight Ward if Sacrificial Pact is still on cooldown.

Spell icon: Fel Flame

/cast Fel Flame

/cast 13

Spell icon: Incinerate

/cast Fire and Brimstone

/cast incinerate

Infiltrating the Black Temple

It’s clear that Jubeka’s soulstone has lead you here to the Black Temple.

The question remains … why?

The only remaining option is to head inside and figure out why they were here.



Look for Jubeka’s mark on the main entrance of the Black Temple.


Scenario: Pursuing the Black Harvest

Don’t zone in into the Black Temple dungeon. Move east of the Black Temple’s sewer entrance. There is a skull rune on the main doorway. Clicking the skull image queues you into the Warlock-only’s Black Temple scenario.


The Warlock player spawns at the Illidari Training Grounds where players formerly fought Supremus.

Stage 1: Enter the Black Temple

Avoid the guards and enter the Sanctuary of Shadows.

Note: Do not fight any mobs. The key here is to evade the Ashtongue guards. These have a visible circular red outline. Stepping into the red outline triggers them to spot you. They throw a net on you, which stuns and won’t let you cast or move. The Ashtongue Primalist will say: “This temple is the domain of the Ashtongue Brotherhood. I must ask you to leave – now.”

The guards teleport you back to the main entrance.

By the ramp, there are three Ashtongue Primalists barring your way (… but the will of the Templar is stronger! — oops, wrong game).


The strategy here is to stay away from the ramp a few yards. Send your minion to attack the guard on the center. The guard will trap your minion.


Ashtongue Primalist: Another warlock? After what happened last time, you should be glad we don’t kill you on sight.

At the same time the minion is trapped, click your Burning Rush ability to sprint through. The guard will ignore you while he teleports your minion away.

Go toward the door above the ramp to trigger Stage 2.

Watch the Video

This video only contains Stage 1:


Stage 2: Search for signs of the Council’s Presence

Find the Council of the Black Harvest’s trail.

Note: The door opens. Disable your Burning Rush. There are two guards patrolling the hallway. Wait until their red outlines are clear, and use Burning Rush. Run upstairs.

Above the stairs is a scroll with a “interact” icon.


Conspicuous Illidari Scroll: Find the Council of the Black Harvest’s trail in the Sanctuary of Shadows: 1/1

Looks like a trap. The item text simply says “Counterfeit Scroll: Contains orders for talbuk meat.”

Akama casts Garrote. Stunning you.


Akama: Foolish warlocks. I knew you would try again to ransack our temple …!

Wait … you’re not one of the warlocks that snuck in here before. Why then are you here?

Hmm … your name sounds familiar to me, (name).

What do you want from the Black Temple? Stay a moment and speak with me, rather than skulk about like a rogue.

(You: King Wrynn seeks the Black Harvest council members who trespassed here recently.)

(Name), you and your Alliance did much to aid my people in freeing the Black Temple of Illidan’s grasp.

I will help you as a show of mutual trust and repayment of the debt I owe you.

(You: Akama, lead the way!)

Watch the Video

This video shows only Stage 2: Search for Signs of the Council’s Presence.


Stage 3: Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls

Akama: It has been many months since those two warlocks broke into the temple … but I’m still not sure what they were after.

Follow me. They visited both the Shrine of Lost Souls and the Temple Summit.


I have decided to trust this warlock for now. Let him move about the temple freely.

(Note: Akama leads you toward the Halls of Anguish, and takes you in front of the entrance to the Reliquary of Souls room — the Shrine of Lost Souls.)

Akama: It will take many years for us to undo the damage that Magtheridon, Illidan and the fel orcs did to this holy place.

Watch the Video

This video shows only Stage 3: Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls.


Stage 4: Uncover the Council’s Plan

Investigate the Reliquary of Souls.

Akama: Within lies the Shrine of Lost Souls. The souls of thousands of my fallen brethren remain within this area.

Use caution, there are many traps still active within. Perhaps one of your demon spells will grant you the ability to scout ahead before advancing forward.

Note: Don’t run through. Stop. Cast Eye of Killrogg. There are invisible traps all throughout the room forming walls. It’s a maze. The first thing to do is to dismiss your minion. The minion will trip into the traps and spawn an additional ghost (Hungering Soul Fragment) to attack you. The ghosts (Suffering Soul Fragment) roaming the room have low health and can be solo’ed without the minion. Use Eye of Killrogg to walk short baby-steps through the invisible maze. Takes about 4-6 minutes to bypass the maze.


Note: I divided the videos so you can choose to view or to skip certain parts. The following video shows (only) the navigation through the invisible maze that leads to the Reliquary of Souls. This section can only be navigated with Eye of Killrogg.

Once you reach the Shrine of Lost Souls, walk toward the center to trigger a memory of Jubeka Shadowbreaker and Kanrethad. However, move away back to the ramp. The boss “Essence of Order” spawns in the center after the memory is over. Good enough, the boss won’t aggro unless you approach or attack.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: This … is amazing … an untapped store of raw arcane energy.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: For years it has languished, slowly growing in strength …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Imagine what we could summon with just a fraction of this power!

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Summon … ha, imagine what we could become if fused with power of this magnitude … The powers of this room are not unlike the original Well of Eternity in Azeroth.


Jubeka Shadowbreaker: So this is how Illidan bound so many demons to his will …

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Yes. The payment for the demons’ service was to drink from the energy of this place. By feeding upon this place’s power, they were broken free from their addiction to the Legion’s magic. I believe this is the original power source he intended to offer the blood elves to free them from their addiction to the Sunwell … but for some reason he didn’t let them near it …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: What?? You have no proof of such a claim.

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Didn’t you notice? The demons under Illidan’s command were free of the entropic, fel-green corruption that pervades the Legion.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: … why do you talk so much, Kanrethad?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I was there … at the end …

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: … Oh dear, are you going to regale me with yet another of your horrible stories?

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: … shut up.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: …

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: I think I liked you better when your jaw was missing.

Jubeka Shadowbreaker: Did you hear that?! Those Ashtongue dogs are coming. Let’s hurry up and start the ritual!

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: Very well. We’ll return later after the crystal is fully charged.

Watch the Video

This video only shows the memory transcribed above between Jubeka and Kanrethad.


Stage 5: Defeat the Essence of Order

Claim the soul crystal left behind by the Council of the Black Harvest.

Essence of Order: The powers of this place are NOT for your kind, warlock! DIE!


Essence of Order Kill

This video shows how to kill Essence of Order. It’s recommended to click Essence of Order’s portrait, and unlock the frame. Move it to your lower screen so that it’s easier to watch his casting bar.

It has two spells that need to be observed at all times: Spellflame and Hellfire. Spellflame is a straight line of fire that originates from beneath him and extends in the direction of your last position at the moment he began casting (2.5 sec cast). It’s recommended to move counter-clockwise. Just move to the right a couple of yards. Warning: He always casts Spellflame right after Hellfire.

Hellfire is a devastating AOE similar to the Warlock’s. The best way to survive this is in Destruction spec. Spam Rain on Fire on the spirits that spawn. Make sure to stand close to Essence of Order so that your Rain of Fire also damages him. Keep Immolate up. Fel Flame renews Immolate. Immolate causes all critical damage from your spells to create Burning Embers. Rain of Fire has a chance to do critical damage and Immolation active causes your Rain of Fire to do 50% more damage. Basically, Rain of Fire on the spirits that spawn constantly keeps your Burning Embers up. When Essence of Order casts Hellfire, use all the accumulated Burning Embers to cast Ember Tap.

Ember Tap heals the Warlock for 21.26% of your health. If you got two Burning Embers up that’s 42.52% healed, which mostly keeps you alive throughout the entire fight. Bring health potions and have three Healthstones just in case.

It’s a good idea to have a macro with the Ember Tap icon. I assigned the macro to also cast Twilight Ward (Absorbs 61,978 magic damage. Lasts 30 sec.) and the macro also casts Sacrificial Pact (Your demon sacrifices 25% of its health to shield its master for 400% of the sacrificed health. 1 min cooldown). If Sacrificial Pact is on cooldown, the macro will still cast Twilight Ward.

I tried Essence of Order as Affliction, and it was really painful. Killed him twice using Destruction spec.


Stage 6: Escape the Shrine of Lost Souls

Fight off the demons unleashed by the Reliquary and return to Akama in the Halls of Anguish.

Note: The first pull is a dreadlord and two satyrs.

The dreadlord has a fear ability, hellfire, and he also summons a batch of 5-6 shadowfiends. These must be killed quickly with Rain of Fire. They die fast, but they do a lot of damage if left unattended. Shadowfury can be used when they spawn to stun them for 3 sec. — especially as soon as you get feared (as a contingency plan)

The dreadlord only hits the voidlord for about 1,500-3000 dps.

The second pull is a group of seven Freed Imps. These die very fast with Rain of Fire. Each has only 31,515 Health (non-elite).


The third pull is a Felguard (Unbound Centurion). He patrols back and forth. Send the Voidlord to aggro it, and cast Rain of Fire on him and the Imps, or fight them separately (up to you).

The last pull is two Dreadlords. Both will aggro. Personally, I didn’t like to get feared by two dreadlords, and far less dealing with two groups of shadowfiends.

I recommend moving to the left wall, send the voidlord to attack the left dreadlord, then click the second dreadlord and send the voidlord to attack it too.

Meanwhile, go behind the barricade, and hit Burning Rush to reach Akama. Both dreadlords will despawn as soon as Stage 7 kicks in.

The shadowfiends won’t despawn and you still need to kill them. If you don’t use Burning Rush to sprint toward Akama, then you will have to baby step your way through the Dreadlord’s fear. Pssst — use Burning Rush. You will be glad you did.


Stage 7: Plunder the Den of Mortal Delights

Grab as much treasure as you can before time runs out.

Akama: (Name)! Some of my men are trapped in the basement – there is little time, help me save them!!

Warlocks have about 8 minutes to complete this stage.

Move toward the exit of the Halls of Anguish. Your character will lose control briefly while it auto-summons an imp minion.

Fel Imp: … yo, (Name)! Remember me? Good, good … hey, listen … we don’t have to help this guy …

There’s gotta be some riches around this place … c’mon boss, you know you want to …

Note: By the Halls of Anguish exit, a quest will pop onscreen titled “Plunder the Black Temple”.

While Akama and his men are dealing with the demons, there is nobody to stop you from stealing a relic or two …


Loot everything you can grab before Akama reaches the Temple Summit.

Note: On the ground you will find piles of gold, vases, necklaces, rings, and other type of objects. Click them and loot. There is a lot of mobs on your way to the spot players usually fight the Shivarra boss Mother Shahraz.

Avoid fighting Felguards. These are Elite and patrol constantly. Their pathing allows you to get out of their way.

All other mobs are non-Elite, and die quick (315K health).

Unbound Bonementer (Satyr) is a healer. Try to kill them asap before they cast Dark Mending.


You’ve looted everything you could grab on your way up. Time to tally up your plunder and hide it before Akama catches up …

Rewards: The following spell will be cast on you: Appraisal.


Stage 8: Head to the Temple Summit

Take the Empowered Soulcore to the Temple Summit.

Final Stage: Defeat Kanrethad

Place the Empowered Soulcore in the Demonic Soulwell, and defeat Kanrethad.


Kanrethad Ebonlocke: BEHOLD! I have only mastered the fel energies of this world! The demonic power I now command … It is indescribable, unlimited, OMINIPOTENT!

You think I’ve gone too far? There is no such thing. The Black Harvest will enslave the most powerful demons, draw on their power, and destroy all who oppose us, in this world, and on Azeroth! Do YOU mean to stop me, little one?

I’d like to see you try.

Hah. Your feeble attacks are entertaining. Would you like to see one of my new pets?

The Annihilan are incredibly destructive creatures. Their sheer strength and power is absolutely unrivaled.

(Note: When the Warlock casts Enslave Demon on the Annihilan/Pitlord this happens …)

Kanrethad Ebonlocke: WHAT?! Now you’ve angered me. The clock is ticking …

Note: Kanrethad casts a massive Chaos Bolt which one-shots a Warlock. This one can be survived casting Sacrificial Pact.


More videos of this Scenario coming tomorrow Monday afternoon. Stay tuned.