I continued my trek through the northern area of the Howling Fjord to explore and take video of the most notable mobs or landscape I could find to show you.  This time around you can see the new type of Dryads at the Frozen Glade and Vibrant Glade just to the central north, the Skorn is a big village of Vykrul. This area can be quietly harsh. The Skorn has a few towers. Atop them are at least five or more Vykrul mages casting frostbolts. If you get anywhere within range even if you are afar they will engage you. You can see various Vykrul practicing battle with each other. Atop Skorn village is a big bonfire and bigger huts in L-shape. That bonfire area shows female Vykrul in combat.

Going north of Skorn and the Frozen Glade you can find the gargantuan Yetis east of Gjalerbron, and the very northwest corner has a huge Vykrul building known as Gjalerbron, where it is notable how the Vykrul has allied with the Undead Scourge making sacrifices to gain the Scourge’s blessing into their fold. There are Liches, Gargoyles, a flying Frost Wyrm which seems to appear during a quest, Vykrul undead, and the new Scourge unit: Plague Eruptor. Traveling to the middle-west of Howling Fjord, I found the Ember Clutch.  Here the proto-dragons are setting the woods ablaze. One would think they are attacking, when in reality it seems they are just making a suitable place for their egg hatching. The Vykrul has a building inside this infernal woods and you can see them nurturing the eggs which means they are raising the proto-dragons to serve the Vykrul.