So you won a BlizzCon Ticket in one of the Fansites Contests.  How can you get your ticket?  This is what Nethaera (Wow Community Manager) says:

Contest winners will need their ID to pick up their tickets at the VIP booth. As long as the site you participated through sent in your name, it will be on the list.

There will be a considerable sized crowd at BlizzCon. I couldn’t give you specific numbers at this time though.

I would suggest you have your ID on you whether it’s a driver’s license, passport or other legal Identification card.

I don’t have a list of goodies that will be made available at BlizzCon to give you but I’m sure others can tell you what we had in the past.

Your ticket is General admission for both days the same as anyone else that purchased theirs.

Congratulations on your winning ticket and we look forward to seeing you there.