No wonder Garrosh is on the bullseye of the Horde in Mists of Pandaria. This is no longer the Garrosh some love and/or despise. He’s more ruthless, and bossy. He’s worsened several notches as you might read in the video below.

The premade character copy feature has been disabled at the account page. You can try and prove me wrong. Normal characters copied from live realms into the beta server — for some reason have no access to the Pandaria quest that sends you there.

      Update: Seems beta testers are ONLY allowed to test level 1-85 pandas or [any race] monk characters, or test the new skill system with their copied live characters. Until further notice — do not attempt to enter Pandaria. The men in black are watching — and they love to swing lightning bolts.

This quest works similar to how players had access to Twilight Highland quests. You must go to Warchief Garrosh Hellscream or King Varian Wrynn. Curiously, without a quest, when you approach their throne room an in-game cutscene cinematic kicks in. You can see your character walking into the throne room, and text appears at the top of the screen (no voiceover yet).

A goblin reports the latest accounting report. Garrosh has imposed crazy arrears (debt tax) to all the race members of the Horde including Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, Undercity. Curiously, the Echoe Isles and Azhara aren’t mentioned.

Garrosh is concerned about the loss of one ship attacked by the Alliance near the mists. He orders Nazgrim to recover his ship at all costs. Someone or something important to Garrosh was aboard. He refers to it as his special cargo. He’s very upset that this ship is lost. After the cutscene, you can see Nazgrim at the zeppelin tower. The cutscene for the trip to Pandaria should kick in when you accept Nazgrim’s quest, but it’s currently unavailable for the Horde. The Alliance version is enabled (Alliance video in one hour).