Harbingers of the Loa

Halduron Brightwing: Have you heard of the loa? We do not understand all of what it is, but it seems to be a dark magic with some degree of sentience.

We do not know what power the loa might possess, but I must ask you to put a stop to their rituals, (class).


Slay 2 Harbingers of the Loa.


The Harbinger of the Loa is only a title. You should look for Zandalari Speaker. These can be found inside the big tents with swirling magic on the rooftop. Try to avoid aggroing too much stuff on your way to them. They pack a punch. Move when the ground flares purple. It’s a large circular AOE that eats up your health pretty quick.


Halduron Brightwing: I can only imagine what horrors you witnessed, (name). Your bravery was put to the test this day, and you did not fail the Horde in your task.