That Hallow’s End vanity pet, the Creepy Crate, is very creepy indeed. During a trip around Azeroth to visit the Inns for the achievement, I saw a big rat pass me by, when suddenly the Creepy Crate opened up, and whipped its long tongue forth, wrapping up the critter and gulping it down within the box. Ewww. Creepy!

You can get this vanity pet by completing a series of Hallow’s End quests. Simply talk to one of the Commoners found in cities. You will be chasing leads to catch a thief. Eventually, the crate you have been searching for a patron will be given to you as a reward: The Creepy Crate.

I have faced evil and looked at utter death straight in the face before the might of Ragnaros, Yogg-Saron, and The Lich King. However, after I was tricked into a cat during my trick-or-treat, I definitely stroke a sweat. Fear the Creepy Crate!

I tried approaching other critters and it behaved the same way 100% of the time for as long as the Creepy Crate is within a radius of approximately 20 yards of a critter. The video below shows the Creepy Crate in action. It seems his favorite critter spot is near the Argent Tournament … lots of yummy penguins.




The G.N.E.R.D.S., Soothing Spearmint Candy, and Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball which drop from the Hallow’s End Handful of Treats at any Inn in Azeroth no longer provide buffs. Instead they provide 5-minute special-effects animations on your character’s head. Check it out in this video.




Finally, after collecting 150 Tricky Treats from the Handful of Treats provided by the pumpkin buckets in any Inn — players can redeem them at the Candy & Toy Vendor (Chub in Ruins of Lordaeron or Dorothy in Gates of Stormwind) for another vanity pet: Feline Familiar. Cute companion. When you summon a flying mount, the cat summons a flying broom and follows you around in flight. Got two more pets in Hallow’s End for my 128th vanity pet and shooting for the Littlest Pet Shop Achievement. Check out the video below.