Graham McNeill will appear at the Games Workshop Cribbs Causeway in Bristol on Saturday the 18th of July. It may be a good chance to get your copy of StarCraft: I, Mengsk signed by the author.  He will be there from 1pm – 3pm.  You may contact the store on 0117 959 2520 for more details. Check out a google map here. Submit your photos to publish them on the front page. Let us know if you have planned to go in advance.

I met Graham McNeill in New York a month ago, and took some video of his signing during the Book Expo America. After the break, you can watch three videos of his signing there at the Javits Center. If you attended that signing, you might have shown up in the video.

Games Workshop – Cribbs Causeway
Location Avon
Town Cribbs Causeway – North Bristol

Street Address/Directions Unit 129
Upper Level
The Mall
BS34 5UP