The original Kerrigan Queen of Blades, Glynnis Talken-Campbell is a medieval romance book writer and a voice over actress. As a writer she’s gone by a few pen names including Sarah McKerrigan.

Some time ago, she changed her pen name to Kira Morgan, but recently she announced she’s proudly going back to writing as Sarah McKerrigan.

Could it be a sign she is returning in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm? Slim chance. However, not too far-fetched. In Wings of Liberty, Jim Raynor was voiced by another actor in the demo shown at both BlizzCon; and out of the blue Robert Clotworthy reprised the role in the final build shipped to stores.

Dear Friends, Fans, and Family,

SEDUCED BY DESTINY came out in March, and already you’re pestering me for my next book! Well, good news…

In September, my new novel, PASSION’S EXILE, will come out simultaneously as an e-book and a paperback! If you choose the e-book option, you’ll be able to download my book instantly to your e-reader, smartphone, or computer. Best of all, Kindle and Nook apps are FREE now, and the price of my e-book will be only $2.99! But never fear, diehard paperback fans, if you prefer the feel of a book in your hands, you’ll be able to order a paperback online.

One small change…I’m going back to my Sarah McKerrigan pen name. Why? 1) For whatever reason, Sarah’s books outsold Kira’s, and 2) In a Google search, I’m the ONLY Sarah McKerrigan on the planet! Don’t worry–I’ll link everything so that no one gets left behind. (For those of you wondering why I don’t return to writing as Glynnis Campbell, that’s a whole new amazing venture that I hope to reveal to you soon!)

The Vista Scottish Games last month were brilliant, as usual. I enjoyed seeing those of you who braved the perfectly lovely spring weather–ha ha! A number of you wanted to know if my books were available for e-readers, so I know you’ll be glad to see PASSION’S EXILE released in that format. There are no signings this month–I’m off on a camping trip with kin in northern California.

Even though there are changes ahead, my SEDUCED BY DESTINY sweepstakes will be ongoing! This month, VALARIE OCHOA has won the Limited Edition Pewter Celtic Thimble like the one Drew gives Josselin in the book! (Valarie, please email me your address, so I can get your prize to you!) Would you like a chance to win next month? Simply register on the front page of my website,, and you’ll be automatically entered. Check out a photo of the prize by clicking on the Contests & Drawings tab.

My website is still at for now. To keep in touch with me on a daily basis, you can friend me at or follow me at I’ll let you know when I switch identities back to Sarah McKerrigan.

Here’s hoping you’ll tag along for another exhilarating ride!

Writing stories to keep you up all night…

Kira Morgan