Robert B. Marks, better known by Diablo fans as Garwulf (of Garwulf’s Corner fame), shares his thoughts on the Diablo III Online-Only controversy. Some fans share this point of view, while others accept it without the fuss.

Garwulf wrote the first Diablo e-Book back in 2000, Diablo: Demonsbane. His many articles about Diablo II inspired a generation of RPG players for several years. Thus, after the Diablo III press event I ventured into his blog to find out if he had any important feedback to share with his followers. No surprise, he did indeed post today (August 3). Check it out here.

Do you feel like him, or are you on the side of the Angels? Maybe you are an in-betweener dancing on both grounds?

Those curious may find Diablo: Demonsbane in printing within the Diablo Archive or download Diablo: Demonsbane (Kindle).