Many fans wondered why the female Monk was not available in the Diablo III demo at Blizzcon 2009.  There have been a few speculations that there would be only a monk male.  We do know that a female monk was planned.  Ever since Diablo III was announced the developers said there would be two genders per class, but Jay Wilson reinstated what was obvious and confirmed at the press-only Q&A in room 208a that there would be a female monk.

At that point they were still discussing how they would handle her.  The monk is bald, so one of the questions among the team was if the female monk would be bald.  The night after the Monk class announcement, Flux and I were talking a bit about the monk class, and he laughed while joking … how’s the female monk going to be called? A nun?

Next day at the press-only Q&A, I asked the same to Jay Wilson, is the female monk going to be known as the Nun?.  The whole room laughed.

Don’t worry guys. The female monk will be unveiled at some point. It’s not just a matter of putting together a model and some textures. There is much more to it. Months of work.  Bashiok mentions some of the process to create a custom female class. The female monk was not ready for the demo, thus we only saw the male Monk.

Blizzard Quote:
  • Bashiok: It requires a new model and new texture. And our class models/textures are very carefully crafted.
  • It requires a new rigging and all new animations. Everything from idle animations to a complex skill to how they hold a sword.
  • It requires custom armor sets and alterations to fit weapons and other item types.
  • Skills may be the same in general appearance but all of them have to be altered or customized in some way to fit each gender. Sometimes dramatically.
  • Every gender requires it’s own voice actor and full dialogue recording.

Those could potentially sound trivial until you realize that any one of those things would be weeks to months of work. In some cases the work never stops on ensuring things adapt to fit all classes, and then separately each gender.

To answer the OP, the only big question I think we ever had on creating genders for all classes was how to best handle the female monk. And that’s been solved.

Sooooo…..enlighten us! smile

Bashiok: Pixie haircuts are hot.
That is all.