Blizzard Entertainment posted the first of three excerpts to be shown to fans from World of Warcraft: Thrall, Twilight of the Dragons by Christie Golden.

Read Excerpt # 1 here.
Read Excerpt # 2 here.

This excerpt is from chapter one, featuring the draenei broken shaman Nobundo. The Earthen Ring is concentrated performing a critical ritual to heal Azeroth and its elementals. Thrall is the weak link of the ritual as he is unable to concentrate and reach the spirit of Life within himself. The ritual fails and he is confronted by the members of the Earthen Ring.

Thrall is just not the same anymore. He is too distracted with self-doubt and hurt. If he had not embarked in a journey into Outland, his friend Cairne Bloodhoof would still be alive. This excerpt more or less describes some of his inner turmoil shown in the Patch 4.2 quests to rescue the four pieces of Thrall’s spirit in the elemental planes.