ign-ipl-esports-logoZiff Davis is quickly earning the hatred of thousands if not millions of players around the globe.

After the purchase of several gaming websites: UGO, Gamespy, and 1UP — were SHUTDOWN by Ziff Davis to focus on IGN as the flagship in gaming affairs.

Even IGN suffered layoffs this past days. How does all of this affects our side of the pond? IGN’s ProLeague 6 (ILP6) was cancelled barely 3 weeks before the event– according to Gamespot.

Those who qualified online had had their accommodations taken care of, and are not affected by this decision. However, all the players, media and other people who had paid for their flight tickets, hotels and whatnot might have trouble getting refunds if at all.

Seems like a good topic for the Blizzplanet Weekly B@#$h session.