Deckard Cain
Can you believe this place? Did you ever dare to dream that you’d one day stand upon the crossroads between Heaven and Hell? This Pandemonium Fortress is truly miraculous.

However, your journey is not yet over. Diablo still roams free in Hell, marshalling his demonic forces. Only when he is beaten will our world finally have peace.

Hurry now . . . the sands of time slow for no one!

The time has come for you to destroy Mephisto’s Soulstone!

Take the Stone to the Hellforge. Place it upon the forge and strike it soundly with the Hammer.

Only by doing this can you prevent Mephisto from manifesting in this world ever again.


  • I have read much about the enigmatic Archangel Tyrael. He was revered in Horadrim lore both for his compassion for mortals and his unquenchable spirit.

    It was rumored that he went against the wishes of Heaven and gave the Horadrim the original Soulstones in order to trap Diablo and his Brothers.

Take Mephisto’s Soulstone to the Hellforge.

After reaching the River of Flame within Hell, you find a heavily protected Hellforge.

Destroy Mephisto’s Soulstone at the Hellforge.

Use the Hellforge Hammer on the Forge.

Hell Forge Hammer

One-Hand Damage: 6 to 16

Durability 30 of 66

Mace Class – Normal Attack Speed

Adds 6-20 Fire Damage

*36 Defense

Fire Resist *40%

*60% Damage to Undead