The Diablo III Facebook has reached another milestone toward the one million Likes goal. Blizzard Entertainment has released two Diablo III Concept Art and a gameplay screenshot showing the female monk.

Blizzplanet obtained the high resolution images which soon will be available at the official Diablo III Facebook. Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment, the Diablo III Community Manager: Bashiok, the Blizzard Public Relations Team, and of course — our visitors for clicking “Like” every time Blizzard releases new images.

The gameplay screenshot features the female monk wearing the well-known Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Assassin-class weapon … the katar claws or fist weapons. In this screenshot, the female monk is casting a Tier 4 skill named Dashing Strike which may be obtained at level 10. It seems this ability is the Monk’s equivalent to the Barbarian’s Leap and the Wizard’s Teleport skill.

Dash Strike: The Monk dashes quickly at the targeted enemy or location, dealing X% weapon damage plus X-X physical damage.”

Note: To view the 2560 x 1600 Hi-Resolution image hold down your right-button and choose “Open Link in New Tab”.

The Ironmaiden concept art shows one of the doodads found in certain torture-themed dungeons. This one is available at the Diablo III Facebook. Make sure to click “Like”.

The Morlu Caster concept art is the same demon shown in the Diablo III Monk Trailer unveiled during BlizzCon 2009 — where the Monk class was officially announced. The Monk fights a Morlu Caster at the end of that trailer. You can “Like” the Morlu Caster at the following Diablo III Facebook page.

Some fans might not recall the Morlu demon because it was never a monster featured in any of the previous games. The Morlu is well-known, however, by fans who take some of their time away from the game to read the Diablo novels by New York Times Best Selling Author: Richard A. Knaak. The Morlu demons debuted in the novel Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy.

These demons are reanimated once and again by an artifact known as the Kiss of Mephisto, allowing them to practice and hone their skills over and over, and to get better each time they return. It’s nigh impossible to kill a Morlu for good. In the novel, the first Necromancer Meldeln — brother of Uldyssian — used his skills to slay a Morlu. Basically, he siphoned its soul before the demon could recover its head.

The Morlu serve Lucion as his personal elite infantry. Lucion is the son of Mephisto and brother to Lilith. Knowing that the Morlu has made it into the game from the pages of Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy raises a few questions. Lucion was apparently slain in the novel during the Sin War, but the Morlu appear in the game 20 years after Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Is their master reborn?

We have seen King Leoric returning in Diablo III as The Skeleton King. Thus, it is not too far-fetched to see the return of Lucion and Lilith, despite their fates in the novel.