Jay Wilson posted an article to explain Diablo III System Changes. Some of which are found in Diablo III beta patch 10. Other changes won’t make it in that patch, but later. Let me tell you, the amount of core system changes is staggering. Take your favorite pill, and read thoroughly the article. Digest it. In the long run, the changes might be beneficial.

The developers are currently cleaning up Diablo III systems, weeding out what doesn’t work.

Scroll of Identification and the Mystic Artisan were removed from the game. The Mystic Artisan didn’t provide much to the customization system, and in the long run would have required Diablo III to be delayed further.

While disappointing, overall, Diablo III will be weeks or months earlier on your hands, thanks to this decision. The Mystic Artisan is not totally gone, however. It seems that system will be revisited in a future expansion.

Another system change that might disappoint beta testers, and players in general is the Cauldron of Jordan and the Nephalem Cube have been removed from Diablo III.

The developers want players to stop gameplay for a moment, get back to town and to have time to check their gear, and to have time to craft and analyze stats in a way players can take better decisions safely, in contrast with quickly doing things on the go in the middle of the battlefield and overlooking.

The salvaging gear function of the Nephalem Cube will still exist. You can salvage at the town by visiting the Blacksmith.

White items won’t be salvageable.

The Stone of Recall will still be available, but its name has been changed back to Town Portal. There’s actually a Town Portal button in the interface now.

The developers will also change core character attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intellect and Vitality.

Defense, Attack and Precision have been removed from the attributes system.

Diablo III beta patch 10 will hit the servers either today or in the next couple of days. I’m likely going to video livestream, so keep your eyes open on the front page.

Check out Jay Wilson’s System Changes article.