Blizzard Entertainment announced several fansites, including Blizzplanet, launched DC Comics Diablo: Sword of Justice comic book giveaways. Check out each link to learn how to participate in each giveaway.

Earlier this month, we sent sets of the currently-running Sword of Justice comic book series to our North American fansites. In addition to publishing reviews and coverage of the first three issues, many of the fansites are holding giveaways and contests to give them out. They only ask for your creativity and silliness to receive these comics, once touched by real life Blizzard employees of undisclosed name and title!

Take note, some of these giveaways are ending rather soon, so you’ll want to act fast.


In addition to interviews DiabloFans held with the comic’s artist Joseph Lacroix and writer Aaron Williams, they’re holding a contest to create your own three-panel comic. The contest ends April 28, and five lucky winners will be chosen to receive a set of issue #1, #2, and #3 of the Sword of Justice series.


BlizzPlanet’s new weekly YouTube series “Diablo Dialogue“, hosted by Chris “The Bearded Gamer” Arnone, covers recent Diablo news including the Sword of Justice comic series and their issue giveaway. Simply favorite their channel, leave a comment, and five lucky winners will get the first three issues of the series.


Diablo III Database has been on top of it, reviewing each issue of the comic as they were released, and is now offering six sets as prizes in the Design a Skill contest, ending April 28.

D3Sanc is giving away sets of the first three issues to artists who make and post a “Diablo themed comic book cover.” Contest ends May 4.


Betting there are some creative people looking to win free swag, the DiabloExpressions contest asks you to take a photo in an action or comedic pose with thought or speech bubbles held over your head. It’s a fun and interesting take on this kind of contest, and those who enter before May 5 and win will receive the first three issues of the Sword of Justice series.