Blizzard Entertainment released three images today after the Diablo III Facebook reached 975,000 Likes. Merely 20,000 away from reaching the one million goal as fans continue to support the recently revealed Diablo III Runestones system.

The following screenshot shows the male Wizard casting Wave of Force. The Wave of Force is a level 3 skill in the Arcane Tree, unlocked at Tier 2. The Wave of Force repels all nearby enemies outwards mostly as a defense mechanism. The visual effect looks like an expanding bubble that surrounds the Wizard and goes off knocking back all enemies in its perimeter.

The highlight of this screenshot in particular is that the Wizard is in mid-air, far above the ground, with the arcane bubble surrounding him. Looks like Blizzard found an interesting way to affect the skill with runestones.

Looking closely to the visual effect beneath the bubble, it shows the Wave of Force is used in this case as a way to escape the impending smash of the incoming red hulk.

Below are two concept art images: Caldeum City and the Witch Doctor.