The Diablo III Facebook reached 825,000 Likes, and thus Blizzard has released another set of images as a ransom. The concept art shows the behemoth monster named The Unburied.

Blizzard: “The Unburied. Wherever bodies are dumped together unceremoniously, the unburied may rise. A twisted mass of corpses, soil and rock, bound by foul energies unknown, their image is only half as terrifying as their intent.”

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Note: Hold the right-button on the images, and choose “Open Link in New Tab” to view the high resolution images.

The screenshot shows a large group of monsters including The Unburied, Cultists and Zombies attacking menacingly a female Demon Hunter. She dispatches her Entangling Shot to take care of the no so menacing incoming horde, and throws in a few Physics-friendly set of mechanical grenades which explode near the wall.

Players can entangle several monsters with the Entangling Shot. It looks like a spear attached to a purple shadow-magic chain. When it hits a target, the chain jumps around entangling several nearby mobs slowing them down. It’s mostly a defensive skill, which you can combine with other powerful combos to annihilate large groups. For example, throwing grenades on the ground or against a wall to ricochet with the physics-engine to land and explode on large groups.

Other possible combos along with Entangling Shots are Shock Spike, Spike Trap, Molten Arrow, or if you feel daring you could use Vault + Fan of Knives — however, considering there’s a big behemoth in the middle of that bunch of zombies and cultists, I would recommend against using the latter as a strategy.