The Diablo III Facebook reached 725,000 “Likes”. This week it has been a pretty quick and consecutive waves of fans liking Diablo III concept art and screenshots. This week alone has gotten over 75,000 likes. Fans are catching up with the challenge to reach a million “Likes”.

Today we have the high resolution images of the female Demon Hunter using an entangling shot and bola shot combo against two zombies.

The concept art looks awesome, showing the Witch Doctor skill: Horrify. Visit the Facebook page to “Like” it. Help us reach the one million “Likes” milestone.

To date, it is unknown what Blizzard Entertainment will share with fans as the final reward when the Diablo III Facebook reaches a million “Likes”. Should we build expectations? In my wish list, I would personally love more gameplay videos, and some lore tease about the Acts.

(View the High Res 2560 x 1600 – hold down the right-button and choose “Open in New Tab”)

(View the High Res 1000 x 906 – hold down the right-button and choose “Open in New Tab”)