Oh well, seems I’m snafu-ing a lot lately. I could blame that to getting old — well, I’m few months away from turning 40.

Seems I let my horses loose way too early, and leaked it a few days ago. I posted in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that there would be a 50% discount on Diablo III: Book of Cain.

It wasn’t too long after posting that I learned this should have been informed to our visitors later. Oops! Bad mine. I apologize.

Now that it’s shamefully out, and someone took the liberty to spread the word in Reddit — making my efforts to cover my tracks null — all I got to say is we’ll have more details around the end of March.

So please, I beg you, don’t ask us more in Twitter when this discount will be available — Eldorian is busy writing his Mists of Pandaria article, and every time he checks the Twitter, he gets cranky and /facepalms whenever someone asks that question.

When I read all these Tweets with shame all I can picture in my mind is all these hungering Diablo III: Book of Cain fans reloading our Twitter feed waiting impatiently for the update on when this 50% discount will be announced. I can also picture them looking into the sky like in that James T. Kirk scene after Khan ditched him in a desolate world, and spitefully calling my username: “MEDIEVALDRAGON !!!!!”.

I’m sorry folks. Hopefully, after the end of March all that anger will be replaced with “I love you”, “I love Insight Editions”, “I love you Blizzard”, and “I love you […] and […]” — don’t ask.

Our lovely Diablo III Fans

Our not-so-lovely Diablo III Trolls =/