Here’s a collection of questions Bashiok has answered in the past few days through September 5-8th concerning the F&F Beta. Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube are in the beta. The Auction House isn’t. Far more options will be available in the video, audio, gameplay and keyboard setting options window.

Does the Auction House work in Beta?

Bashiok: No, the Auction House is not available in the current version of the Beta. The Cauldron of Jordan and the Nephalem Cube are available in game, even though you have to unlock them through quests. — source

The Red Target Outline

Bashiok: There’s no toggle option for the red outline in the current version of the beta, but please keep in mind that several options are currently missing and/or not available.

The release version will include more options related to graphics and gameplay.

Family & Friends Beta in Europe?

Bashiok: F&F started in EU as well. F&F has been launched globally and everyone will play on the NA server. One of our goals for the Beta phase is to test the compatibility of the client with a wide array of hardware configurations.

We’re not going to invite people with top-tier hardware only, we need a huge pool of different specs for our tests. Our current plan is to use the enUS client globally. I’m just talking about Beta here. When we will release the game of course we will have localized clients.

I must say… the game looks GREAT!

Bashiok: Awesome! Yeah we’ve worked hard to keep it feeling like Diablo, and while we consistently get that feedback from people who have gotten to play the demos, it’s awesome for that to finally be more visible to everyone looking forward to the game.

Enjoy the streams, etc. and good luck on getting an invite. — source

now if only the music was better…

Bashiok: That’s the first time I’ve read that.

Were you maybe expecting something besides what is generally the subdued mood-music in Diablo games? While World of Warcraft has huge epic orchestra pieces and driving melodies, Diablo music is far more subdued and moody. If you’re looking for big concert-hall filling scores, it’s just not what Diablo is about, although some bigger pieces certainly exist and you’ll get to enjoy them with the release of the game.

Diablo and its music is more about ambiance, as it’s a game that should mostly be filled with the sounds of slaughtering demons. Big epic tracks just aren’t very Diablo, and would very likely not mesh with the style of gameplay.

That’s just my guess as to what some people may be expecting. Diablo music is generally just mood-enhancing ambiance. But if you have other feedback, it’s welcome. — source

What about the Diablo III Overture Track?

Bashiok: There definitely are tracks like that for specifically epic parts of the game, or when we can throw huge scores at you like the login screen, cinematics, etc. For much of the time out in the field or in a dungeon, that isn’t the music that works well with that type of gameplay or those areas.

It would just feel silly to have a huge epic orchestra piece as you walk through the foggy moors outside New Tristram. — source