The Diablo Facebook page has reached 600,000 ‘Likes’. Many thanks to Blizzplanet visitors who continuously spread the word to reach the goal of 1 million ‘Likes’. Please, continue to spread the word. Invite friends, and family to do so. Open topics in your favorite forums to encourage people to do so, tell your guildmates, office workers, etc.

With a new milestone reached, Blizzard Entertainment released two new images in their Diablo facebook page, and provided Blizzplanet and other fansites the high resolution version.

The first image is a unnamed demon concept art by artist Josh Tallman. It’s a two-headed aberration with many spikes on the legs, arms, and back. Several gaping maws can be seen on the neck and chest areas, and a bigger one on the shoulder.

The second screenshot is the female monk in action using her katar claws. The animation swirl as the monk swings her katar claws show the golden hued effect expected from her holy magic. One of the zealots seems to have been sliced in half by the waist. We can see a deal of body parts (legs, torsos), blood splash and torture devices around the room.

Unnamed demon by Josh Tallman

(View the High Res image 800 x 806)

Female Monk

(View the High Res image 2560 x 1600)