The Diablo Facebook page is reaching 625,000 Likes folks! It’s currently at 621,572. Invite family and friends in your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to ‘Like’ the Diablo Facebook. Spread the word at your favorite forums, guildies, and whatnot.

Blizzard Entertainment and the Diablo III Team wants fans to topple the 1 million Likes mark. To encourage fans, every 25,000 Likes, Blizzard will release a Diablo III concept art and a screenshot for a total of 18 updates. Who knows. Maybe as we approach the mark we might get juicer stuff? Videos?

Blizzard Entertainment will post the images in the official Facebook, but they will provide Blizzplanet the high resolution images to share with you. Let’s rally up my brethren! Make it so. Let’s reach 625,000 Likes, and beyond.